An argument between two people left one woman seriously injured. The altercation occurred in a public park and ended with blows to the face. The woman suffered serious injuries to her eyelids and was taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident and are taking witness statements to find out exactly what happened. The identities of the two people involved have not been released, and it remains unclear what caused the altercation.

The new version of Moodle offers numerous opportunities for successful self-learning. Whether through the integration of learning videos or the individual editing of assignments, the new version significantly expands the functionality of this popular learning management system. But how do you make the most of these opportunities??

Our self-study courses offer a comprehensive introduction to the new Moodle features and provide valuable tips and tricks for successful use of the software. Interactive exercises and tests allow you to directly apply and reinforce your new knowledge.

The European Central Bank (ECB) plays an important role in creating a European Banking Union aimed at ensuring financial stability in the euro area. A banking union consists of three pillars: joint supervision, joint resolution and joint deposit insurance.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, European Union (EU) member states have taken a number of measures to restore financial stability. One of the most important measures was the creation of the European Banking Authority (EBA) in 2011. The EBA has broad powers to supervise banks in member states and intervene when necessary.

The sky delights us with its starry skies and fascinating celestial bodies. Satellites are a particularly interesting type of celestial body that are relatively easy to spot because of their orbits and altitudes.

There are thousands of satellites on Earth to help us with weather forecasting, navigation and telecommunications. However, many people wonder when they can observe these satellites in the sky.

The market for classic cars has been booming for years – many investors see old vehicles as a lucrative financial investment. OTR Deutschland AG has now developed an innovative idea for the annuitization of classic cars. This is a kind of leasing, where investors buy a classic car and then rent it to OTR Deutschland AG.

In return, investors receive a monthly annuity based on the amount of rental income they generate. OTR Deutschland AG takes care of the rental and maintenance of the classic car and also covers any repair and maintenance costs. At the end of the rental period the investor can either buy back his classic car or sell it to another interested party.

Time is running out for Republicans trying to reach a deal on repealing Obamacare with President Donald Trump before the August recess begins.

While Trump calls the health care system a "disaster" and promises to replace it, Republicans are struggling to find common ground on an alternative.

The company in a spouse's own property - who benefits from the added value?

The property of the spouses has been regulated in Germany by the Zugewinnausgleichsgesetz since 1958. Under this law, each spouse leaves with the assets he or she had at the time of marriage, as well as with the assets he or she acquires during the marriage.

But what happens if one spouse establishes a business during the marriage and declares this business to be his or her own property? Who then benefits from the added value of the company?

The government of Ukraine plans to extend the temporary nature of teaching positions. According to recent statistics from education authorities, there is currently a huge shortage of teachers in Ukraine, especially in urban areas.

The Ukrainian government has decided to offer longer contracts in the future to teachers who previously had only temporary contracts. In this way, the shortage of teachers should be solved and continuous teaching should be ensured.

Social fraud or benefit abuse, in which people illegally receive social benefits, is a major problem in Germany. Every year, the economic damage caused by this abuse amounts to several billion euros. It is not only the economy that is affected, but also the social systems themselves. For this reason, the Bundesrat has passed a resolution to speed up the identification and prevention of benefit abuse.

Under the new law, the relevant authorities will be able to access data more quickly and comprehensively in order to more effectively detect possible cases of benefit abuse. Automated verification procedures are also to be used to identify suspicious cases more quickly.

Free e-mail addresses: A comparison of the best freemail providers

In today’s digital world, e-mail communication is an indispensable way of communicating. Most people already have several e-mail addresses to communicate private and professional matters. There are many providers that offer free email services, however, it is important to choose the best provider that fits your individual needs.

This article compares the best free email address providers on the market. Each of them has its unique features and benefits that are appreciated by users. The comparison takes into account factors such as storage capacity, functionality, filtering options, security and ease of use.