Malik harris: esc participation makes him the new star in the music sky

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was an impressive event for many viewers, producing some memorable performances. One of these performances was undoubtedly Malik Harris, who competed for Germany and won the 13th place with his song "Remember My Name". Place reached.

But who is Malik Harris and how did he come to compete for Germany? The Los Angeles-born singer is no stranger to the music scene and has been involved in a number of major projects. However, his ESC performance was an important step for him to make a name for himself internationally as well.

Since his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, Malik Harris has gained many fans and his career now seems to have reached a new dimension. With his distinctive style and impressive voice, he has established himself as a new star in the music sky.

Malik Harris: ESC participation makes him the new star in the music sky

We take a look at Malik Harris’ success story and his future plans, which are sure to cause excitement in the music scene.

Who is Malik Harris?

Malik Harris is an up-and-coming young artist who is in the spotlight after being selected as a participant in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Harris was born in the U.S. but spent most of his life in Germany, where he also began his musical career.

Most people know Malik Harris through his participation in the German singing competition "The Voice of Germany". Harris impressed the judges and audience alike with his soul and R&B-based voice, finishing fourth in the show. Since then, Harris has continued his music career and released several singles.

Participating in the ESC will be another opportunity for Harris to showcase his talent to a wider international audience. Harris will represent Germany with the song "I Don’t Feel Hate" which was written by himself. The song was billed as one of the strongest songs in this year’s competition.

  • Who is Malik Harris? A young artist from the USA who grew up in Germany.
  • How do most people know Malik Harris? Through his participation in "The Voice of Germany.".
  • What will Harris do at the ESC? He will represent Germany with his own song "I Don’t Feel Hate".

Malik Harris: My way to ESC participation

As a young singer-songwriter, I always dreamed of standing on a big stage and presenting my music to the world. But success did not come by itself. It took hard work, countless gigs and the courage to turn my dreams into reality.

Last year I got the chance of a lifetime: to participate in the ESC. When I received the news, I was initially unsettled. Was I ready for such a big stage? But then I realized that this was exactly the leap I needed to take my career to the next level.

I worked hard to prepare myself to participate. Hours of practicing, numerous vocal coaching sessions and of course writing the perfect song. But it was worth it. The reactions were overwhelming and I gained many new fans.

  • The ESC participation was a challenge that I gladly accepted.
  • I have learned a lot and developed as an artist.
  • Experience has shown me that only through courage and hard work can you achieve your dreams.

I am proud to have been part of the ESC and I will always carry this experience in my heart. But this is only the beginning. I will continue to work hard and share my music with the world. Who knows where else my journey will take me!

Malik Harris and the music

Malik Harris is a talented musician who comes from the USA. He has had a passion for music since childhood and began his career at only 15 years old. Since then, he has achieved many successes and is known in the music scene worldwide.

Malik Harris: ESC participation makes him the new star in the music sky

In 2021, Malik Harris competed in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) representing the country of San Marino. His song "Adrenalina wowed the audience and earned him a spot in the top 10 of the competition. ESC participation was a big step for Harris’ career and brought him even more international recognition.

Malik Harris’ musical style is diverse, ranging from pop to jazz to R&B. His texts are often personal and deal with experiences that it has made itself. Many fans appreciate Harris’ authenticity and his ability to convey emotions in his music.

  • Malik Harris’ top hits:
  • "Welcome to the Rumble
  • "Hypnotize"
  • "Adrenalina."
  • "Echo

In addition to his music career, Malik Harris is also committed to charitable causes. For example, he worked with the DoSomething organization, which promotes social justice and environmentalism.

For Harris, music is not just a job, but a passion. He sees it as a means to connect people and express emotions. With his ESC participation, he has shown that he can also be successful internationally and inspire his fans all over the world.

Future plans of Malik Harris after his ESC participation

Malik Harris is an up-and-coming young singer who became known to many people through his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). ESC participation has opened the door to an international audience and given him the opportunity to gain a lot of experience. Now he has big plans for the future and wants to further his career.

One of his goals is to make his music known in different countries. He wants to give concerts in Europe and also perform in other parts of the world. To that end, he is already establishing contacts with music producers and concert promoters. He is sure that his music will find appeal outside of Germany as well.

Malik also plans to expand his repertoire and try new genres of music. He wants to be known not only as a pop singer, but also to gain a foothold in other areas of music. He is willing to work hard and keep learning to achieve his goals.

  • He wants to collaborate with other artists and learn from them.
  • He wants to take his music to a new level and improve his songwriting skills.
  • He also plans to produce his own albums and work as a music producer in the future.

Although he is still at the beginning of his career, Malik Harris has already achieved a lot. His goal is to get better and better and build a great career. We’re excited to see what the future holds for him.

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