Increasingly, computer and smartphone users are becoming infected by malware distributed via fake government emails. These are emails that are supposedly sent by a recognized public institution, such as the tax office or the police department. However, in reality, these mails are fake and are designed to trick users into opening a malicious attachment or clicking on an infected link.

The malware that is spread in this way can have devastating effects. Often these are programs designed to steal data, find out passwords or make the computer part of a botnet. This can allow criminals to get hold of personal data or spread malware to other systems.

The Apple M1: emulation faster than any other Mac

Apple made a significant leap this year, switching its computers from Intel processors to its own chips. The new Apple M1 chip has exceeded all expectations in the process.

What makes it so special? It’s because of the incredible speed and efficiency with which it operates. According to the latest tests, the M1 is faster than all other Macs running on Intel processors, even with emulation.

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) recently began relying on Dynatrace’s software solution to ensure a stable and reliable IT infrastructure. Dynatrace is an IT management tool that provides an end-to-end view of the IT infrastructure, making problems quickly identifiable and solvable.

Investitionsbank Berlin relies on Dynatrace

As the development bank of the state of Berlin and a partner for the economy, IBB is an important player in the financial industry. To cope with the growing demands on its IT infrastructure and at the same time increase customer satisfaction, IBB relies on a cooperation with Dynatrace.

In the course of advancing digitalization, sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the software industry. Because not only physical products, but also digitally produced products such as software have an ecological footprint. The power consumption of data centers, data transmissions and the production of hardware contribute to the environmental impact. As a result, the development of environmentally friendly software is increasingly becoming the focus of companies and developers.

Green Software Design describes the process of developing environmentally conscious software. The focus is not only on ecological sustainability, but also on social and economic sustainability. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact of software and promote the sustainable use of resources. This includes, above all, the efficient use of energy, the avoidance of data waste and the use of environmentally friendly hardware.