The company in a spouse's own property - who benefits from the added value?

The property of the spouses has been regulated in Germany by the Zugewinnausgleichsgesetz since 1958. Under this law, each spouse leaves with the assets he or she had at the time of marriage, as well as with the assets he or she acquires during the marriage.

But what happens if one spouse establishes a business during the marriage and declares this business to be his or her own property? Who then benefits from the added value of the company?

Inheritance should actually be something positive. But what happens if the inheritance includes not only debts, but also excess debt? This can quickly become a financial burden and cause the heir to make a difficult decision.

However, there is an option. By rejecting an over-indebted inheritance, you can protect your financial stability and save yourself from costly and time-consuming debt problems.

Franz Kobell is a German artist and is one of the most famous illustrators of the 20th century. Twentieth century. His work encompasses a variety of styles and techniques, including pencil drawings, ink drawings, watercolors and oil paintings.

Despite his versatility, Kobell’s best-known subject is his depiction of the animal kingdom. His close observations of animal anatomy and movement are a testament to his deep understanding and love of nature. His illustrations show not only a scientific precision, but also an artistic sensibility that makes his style distinctive.

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