John Dewey (1859-1952) was an American philosopher, educator, and psychologist known for his views on education and learning. His approach to education is often referred to as "progressive pedagogy" and assumes that learning is an active process in which students learn through experience and their own actions.

In particular, Dewey emphasized the importance of hands-on learning and interaction with the environment to education. In this sense, for him, education was not a limited process that takes place in school contexts, but a lifelong process that takes place in all aspects of daily life.

Clan crime" is a problem that has been discussed in Germany for some years now. The main focus is on Arab extended families, which are repeatedly linked to various crimes such as robbery, drug trafficking and protection rackets.

But who are these families and how big is the problem really??? The Arab extended family is closely interwoven with Arab culture and tradition. The family is the most important element here and stands above all else. Several generations often live under one roof and the hierarchy is strictly defined. The patriarchal structure in the family is of great importance in this process. Eldest family members have high authority and command respect.

Richmond Gabriel University is among the most prestigious universities in the world. It offers a wide range of academic programs in various fields of study – from the humanities to the sciences. If you are looking for a quality educational institution, Richmond Gabriel University can be your first choice.

The university is known not only for its outstanding academic offerings, but also for its diverse and vibrant campus community. It is a place where you can grow both intellectually and socially. There are numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and sporting events, and there are also clubs and organizations that are student-run.

Education is our best asset to give to ourselves and the generations to come.

What is education? Education is not just learning facts and figures, but a process of knowledge acquisition and personal development that helps us better understand the world around us and improve ourselves.

Education must meet the demands of modern society and adapt with the changing times. There is a need for education to be creative and culturally responsive in order to provide students with a comprehensive education that promotes not only academic success but also the development of cultural and creative competencies.
Education systems around the world face many challenges, including technological change, economic difficulties, demographic shifts, and societal differences. To meet these challenges, educational institutions must develop innovative approaches to ensure high-quality education.
Cultural and creative activities play an important role in education, as they help to promote understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. By participating in creative activities such as music, art, and theater, students can improve their creative skills, strengthen their self-esteem and problem-solving abilities, while enhancing their cultural competencies.

Education – a creative and cultural change

Education is a term often associated with knowledge and learning. But the concept of education goes far beyond teaching facts and data. It should bring about a change in the way people think and act, taking into account creative and cultural aspects.

The topic of extracurricular cultural education has long been the subject of much discussion in Germany. The aim is to promote creativity, art and cultural understanding among children and young people. The German government has responded by drafting a preliminary decree based on the coalition agreement. This is intended to provide better support for extracurricular cultural education in the future.

The preliminary draft discusses various approaches to promote and expand extracurricular cultural education. This includes, among other things, the promotion of rehearsal rooms, orchestras and choirs as well as the establishment of creative workshops. Cooperation between schools and cultural institutions should also be strengthened to give students easier access to culture.

Arrest in case of missing Navajo woman shows progress in similar cases

The recent arrest of a suspect in the case of missing Navajo woman, Anndine Jones, could mean progress is being made in similar cases. Jones had disappeared last December while driving her car on a Navajo Nation roadway. Investigators followed up on a lead after receiving a tip that a vehicle that may be related to the case had been discovered in Arizona.

Arrest in case of missing Navajo woman shows progress in similar cases

The arrest of the suspect, whose identity has not been released, came after months of cooperation between various law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Navajo Police and local Sheriff’s Offices. Although the case is ongoing, there is hope that progress will be made in other missing persons cases on Navajo land because of the progress made in this case.

The Hamburg Way Classroom is an educational program run by Hamburger SV that aims to raise young people’s awareness of values such as tolerance and respect. For the International Day for Tolerance, the program launched a special campaign to underline the importance of these values.
This year the motto of the day was "Everyone has the right to education". The Hamburger Weg Classroom has therefore visited schools in the region to talk to students about the importance of tolerance and education. The students also gain insight into the daily lives of children and young people in other parts of the world who do not have the same opportunities for education as they do.
The Hamburger Weg Classroom in Action highlights the importance of raising young people’s awareness of tolerance and respect. Especially in times when hate and intolerance are on the rise, it is crucial that we stand up for an open and inclusive society. The Hamburg SV sets an important example here and makes a valuable contribution to the education and sensitization of young people.

Tolerance and the Hamburger Weg Classroom

The Hamburger Weg Classroom is a special project of the HSV that aims to sensitize students to issues such as tolerance and integration. Workshops on the topic are held in Hamburg schools as part of the International Day for Tolerance.