Bavaria’s new games funding: first application round ends in seven days

Until 6. November 2019, developer studios and publishers can still submit their applications for the Gamesforderung Bayern. The funding, which was first presented at this year’s Gamescom, is intended to support the development and marketing of computer games in Bavaria.

The total funding volume amounts to 50 million euros and is set for a period of three years. Of which up to 200.000 euros to be awarded per project. The funding is aimed at both small and large companies.

Start-ups and individuals can also apply if they have their company headquarters or place of residence in Bavaria. Funding is available for the development of new games or the porting of existing titles to other platforms. Gamesforderung Bayern is designed to help strengthen Bavaria’s position in the games industry and create jobs.

Apply quickly now and benefit from the funding!

Bavaria launches new games initiative to support gaming industry in the state

The Bavarian government has launched a new initiative to promote the development of computer games in Bavaria. The initiative is intended to help boost the local gaming industry and drive the creation of new jobs in the digital media sector.

As part of this initiative, there is now a new grant for game developers based in or located in Bavaria. Under the name "Bavaria’s new games funding", game developers can apply for up to 50.000 euros for their project.

The first round of applications for the funding has already begun and will run for seven more days. Interested game developers can apply online and must submit their projects by the application deadline.

  • Funding is available for all types of games, from small indie titles to big AAA titles.
  • The initiative is intended to help strengthen networking in the Bavarian gaming industry and promote cooperation between game developers and other companies in the industry.
  • Bavaria’s new games promotion is part of a larger plan for the state’s digital future, which aims to promote new technologies and innovations to increase competitiveness and growth.

The Bavarian government sees the gaming industry as an important branch of the economy for the future and intends to provide impetus and promote the creation of jobs and added value by promoting computer games in the state.

Goals of games funding in Bavaria

Bavaria has launched a new games promotion scheme to provide support for the gaming industry in the region. But what are the exact goals of this measure?

First of all, the games funding in Bavaria is intended to promote innovative projects to support the creative development and production of computer games. The exchange between industry and universities as well as research and scientific institutions is also to be promoted.

Another important aspect of games funding is the promotion of the international competitiveness of the Bavarian games industry in order to improve its positioning on the global market. Targeted measures for networking and diversification in the industry are to be initiated for this purpose.

In addition, the creation of jobs in the industry and the promotion of start-ups also play a major role in games funding. The provision of financial resources is intended to support the establishment of companies in the region and secure existing jobs.

Bavaria’s games funding is thus an important step towards strengthening and expanding the regional games industry to play an increasingly important role in the economy.

Who is eligible for Bavaria’s new gaming funding?

The first round of applications for Bavaria’s new games funding ends in seven days. But who can actually apply for the funding?

In principle, all Bavarian companies and institutions from the computer and video games industry are eligible for funding. This includes, for example, developer studios, publishers, export forges, start-ups, but also universities and research institutions.

Bavaria's new games funding: First application round ends in seven days

The funding is aimed specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with up to 500 employees and a maximum annual turnover of 100 million euros. This is particularly intended to support those that often have difficulty competing in the market due to their size and financial strength.

It is also important that the project has a connection to the Free State of Bavaria. This can be, for example, the location of the company or the implementation of projects or events in Bavaria.

Interested parties can still submit their applications until 31. Submit October 2021. Funding is available for prototype and concept development, implementation of game ideas and marketing and sales measures, among other things.

Submission of applications

Bavaria’s new games funding program has attracted a lot of attention in the gaming industry. The funding is aimed at supporting the development and growth of the gaming industry in Bavaria. To benefit from this funding, applicants must submit their applications in a specific way.

Applications can be submitted via the online Games Funding portal or by mail. Both methods are equally viable, but it is recommended to use the online service to ensure faster and more efficient processing.

Before an application can be submitted, all the necessary information and documents must be compiled. These include a detailed project description, a budget, a time schedule and a concept for marketing the game. It is also recommended to present examples of previous work to emphasize the experience and skills of the team.

After submitting the application, applicants still have seven days to answer any follow-up questions from the evaluation team. Once the application is approved, the team can begin production of the game and receive the funding. Bavaria’s new games promotion is a great opportunity for games developers to advance their careers and realize their dreams.

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