April 2023: which planet can be seen next to the moon today?

There is a phenomenon in the sky in April 2023 that should be of interest to many astronomy enthusiasts. Anyone who takes a look at the night sky will notice that there is a bright spot next to the moon that is almost as bright as the moon itself. But which planet is that?

To understand the phenomenon, we need to consider some facts. There are a total of eight planets in the solar system, each with its own orbit around the sun. Depending on the position of the Earth, we can observe these planets in the sky.

The view of the sky in April 2023 will show us that the planet Venus is visible next to the Moon. Venus is the second innermost planet in our solar system and the brightest planet in the sky. So the bright shining point next to the moon will be Venus.

It is a great opportunity to view the night sky and appreciate the beauty of our solar system. So, don’t miss the chance to view Venus next to the Moon in April 2023!

Fascinating astronomical events in April 2023

We have some fascinating astronomical events coming up in April 2023. One of them is the coincidence of the moon and a bright planet. But which planet will be visible next to the moon?

On the evening of 17. April 2023, the planet Jupiter will be visible right next to the nearly full moon. Due to its size and brightness, Jupiter will be visible even to the naked eye. The two celestial bodies will be so close that they will almost look like a double planet.

Another event is the Lyrid meteor stream, which will occur on the night of 22. on the 23. April 2023 will be visible. The Lyrids are an annual meteor stream caused by comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. On this night, up to 20 meteors per hour can be observed in the sky.

  • 17. April 2023 – Jupiter and moon conjunction
  • 22. to 23. April 2023 – Lyrid meteor stream
  • 29. April 2023 – The moon will be seen in full size

In addition to these events, the moon will be visible on 29. April 2023 to be seen in full size. This full moon will be known as the pink moon, as it is associated in English folklore with the flowering of woodland plants.

Interesting facts about observing planets in April 2023

In April 2023 it is possible to see a planet next to the moon. Which planet this is depends on the exact date and time. The planets that are best to observe depend on several factors such as distance from Earth and degree of visibility.

Observing planets does not require expensive equipment and can even be done with the naked eye or simple binoculars. However, a telescope is the best choice to study their details and understand their nature.

  • Mars – in April 2023 Mars will be clearly visible in the night sky and the red planet will appear in the east several hours before sunrise.
  • Jupiter – also Jupiter will be visible in the night sky in April 2023. Already after sunset Jupiter can be found in the east. With a telescope it is possible to see the bands on its surface and its moons.
  • Saturn – in April 2023 Saturn will be found in the east. Its famous rings are easily visible with a telescope and its moons can also be observed.
April 2023: Which planet can be seen next to the moon today?

Planetary observation opens a window into the wonders of space and can become a fascinating and lifelong passion. We recommend familiarizing yourself with a star charting program or app to identify and track the planets and other cosmic bodies in the sky.

April 2023: Which planet can be seen next to the moon today?
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