Dusseldorf UAS is expanding and modernizing its campus to meet the needs of students and the demands of the future. By creating a state-of-the-art teaching and research environment, Dusseldorf UAS is setting new standards for educating professionals in the region. The new campus will support students to reach their full potential and enable them to have successful careers.
Campus renewal will take place on many levels, from infrastructure and facilities to teaching and research. The new campus is being built with the goal of creating a dynamic learning environment that will enhance students’ learning experience practical skills and knowledge. It will be a place where students can prepare for their future as professionals.
The project will not only increase the educational opportunities of students, but also contribute to the economic development of the region. The new campus will be an attractive destination for future students and increase the prestige of FH Dusseldorf as a whole. We look forward to an exciting future and the opportunities the new campus will create for students and the region.

Education with a future: The new campus of the FH Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences recently opened its new campus, setting an example for the future of education. The campus includes state-of-the-art facilities and offers students a wide range of innovative educational opportunities.

Your rims are not only an important part of your vehicle, they are also one of the first things people see when they look at your car. It is therefore crucial that you keep your rims clean and maintained to ensure they always look like new.

There are many ways to clean and maintain your rims, from simple home remedies to specialized cleaning products. In this article, we’ll show you how to best clean and maintain your rims to ensure they stay in perfect condition for years to come.

Poor children often face many challenges, from low access to education to lack of basic needs such as food and medical care. In this difficult time, it is supportive people who can play a crucial role and help improve the lives of children in need.

Regardless of their location in the world, children in need share the same fate: a fragile future without the resources and support they need. As a result, it is essential that people who are resourceful take their responsibilities and help those in need. A positive attitude and active influence can help children achieve their goals and improve their lives.

The rising costs of health care are a current and controversial topic worldwide. In particular, long-term care assistance is increasingly posing a financial challenge for many states. In Germany, spending on this form of assistance has really exploded in recent years.

The aging of the population and the desire of many people to be able to live in their own homes into old age are just some of the reasons for the increase in costs. However, the increasing use of technical aids and higher labor costs in the care sector are also contributing factors.

Funding and grants can be the key to success for many businesses and organizations. But applying can often be a challenge, especially for small businesses or nonprofits that don’t have the necessary experience or resources.

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Children are naturally curious and temperamental. They live in the here and now and want immediate satisfaction of their needs. Patience is not one of their strengths and they often have a hard time controlling their impulses. But patience is an important quality that children need for a successful future.
Support your child in becoming more patient. With a few simple tricks, you can show your offspring how to learn to wait and keep themselves in check. This article presents six tips for successful parenting that will help you guide your child on the path to patience.

Model patience as a parent

As parents, we want our children to be patient and able to wait for something or take time to complete a specific task. But how can we teach them this? First of all, it is important that we ourselves are patient and set a good example for them.

If you are looking for a job in France but have little experience with French job ads, the search can be very challenging. French job ads can seem confusing due to more formal language and different structures. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you interpret and understand French job ads.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is not only impacting our health, but also our finances. Many people have suffered financial losses due to short-time work or job loss. However, it is possible to save money and be financially secure even during this difficult time.
To this end, we have collected five tips from financial experts that can help you save for your future. These tips cover a variety of strategies, from immediate measures to long-term solutions.
In this article, we will present these tips in detail and show you how you can be financially successful even in the Corona crisis. Whether you are trying to reduce your expenses or increase your assets, it is important to take the right approach.
Read on to learn how to optimize your finances during the pandemic and how to prepare for future challenges. With advice from our financial experts, you can achieve your goals and ensure your financial security.

Tips for reducing spending during the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis has put a financial strain on many people. Many have lost their jobs or have less income due to short-time work. In order to make ends meet financially during such times, it is important to reduce expenses. Here are five tips from financial experts:

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What does a chaplain think about the 'time of empty churches'??

In recent years, a strange trend has emerged in Germany – fewer and fewer people regularly attend church events. More and more churches are losing their dominant role in society and becoming abandoned buildings. But how do the spiritual leaders of these churches view this development??

To answer this question, we talked to a chaplain. He gave us an insight into his experiences and thoughts about this "time of empty churches." He is not only concerned about his own church, but about the phenomenon in general and what role religion plays in today’s society.