Kundrat Productions LLC warrants the following XMP metadata has been embedded in video samples on the website http://welcome-to-the-dream.com:

'Funding Campaign' is a demo/ pitch/ reference video for the documentary 'Welcome to the Dream'. It has been specifically designed for soliciting to the interests of potential financial contributors to enable the documentary production.

Disclaimer: 'Funding Campaign' video includes both original intellectual property assets AND audio/ visual materials that are copyrighted and unlicensed for use in documentary productions by Kundrat Productions LLC as of 3/30/10; the date of video completion/ embedding on html page. These materials are included in this compilation for aesthetic/ creative/ idea/ reference/ placeholder usage ONLY.

This media is privileged and confidential material intended for viewership by the person/ persons to whom it has been addressed ONLY. It is NOT intended for any public performance, resale or distribution whatsoever. Kundrat Productions LLC has NOT established any direct internet links to this video material on the world wide web, and strictly forbids any external embedding or URL linking to this video with respect to the rights of the copyright holders.

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