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Name Blessed With The Gift: Age Ended Their Life By:
Johnny Ace Musician 25 Suicide
Nick Acland Musician (Lush) 30 Suicide
”Crush” Adams Professional Wrestler 44 Painkiller Overdose
Nick Adams Actor 36 Sedative Overdose
Stuart Adamson Musician (Big Country) 43 Self-asphyxiation
Michael Brent Adkisson Professional Wrestler 23 Tranquilizer Overdose
Ryunosuke Akutagawa Writer 35 Veronal Overdose
GG Allin Musician 36 Heroin Overdose
Bridgette Andersen Child Actress 21 Alcohol/ Heroin Overdose
Pier Angeli Actress 39 Drug Related
Matthew Ansara Actor 35 Heroin Overdose
Chris Antley Athelete 34 Drug Related
West Arkeen Musician 36 Drug Overdose
Howard Arkley Artist 48 Heroin Overdose
Kevyn Aucoin Photographer 40 Painkiller Overdose
Lester Bangs Journalist 33 Prescription Drug Overdose
Chet Baker Musician 58 Drug Related
Florence Ballard Musician (The Supremes) 32 Alcohol Related
Jean-Michel Basquiat Artist 27 Heroin Overdose
Scotty Beckett Child Actor 38 Drug Overdose
Steve Bechler Athlete (MLB) 23 Prescription Drug Overdose
John Belushi Actor 33 Cocaine/ Heroin overdose
Wes Berggren Musician (Tripping Daisy) 29 Drug Overdose
Len Bias Athlete (pre-NBA) 22 Cocaine Overdose
Bam Bam Bigelow Professional Wrestler 45 Drug Overdose
Bobby Bloom Musician 28 Suicide
Mike Bloomfield Musician 36 Heroin Overdose
Tommy Bolin Musician (Deep Purple) 25 Drug Overdose
Graham Bond Musician 36 Drug-Related Accident
John Bonham Musician (Led Zeppelin) 32 Alcohol Poisoning
Christopher Bowman Professional Athlete 40 Drug Overdose
Lenny Breau Musician 43 Drug Related
Elisa Bridges Model 29 Drug Overdose
Erik Brodreskift Musician 29 Drug Overdose
Lenny Bruce Comedian 40 Morphine Overdose
Roy Buchanan Musician 48 Suicide
Tim Buckley Musician 28 Drug Overdose
Paul Butterfield Musician 44 Drug-Related
David Byron Musician (Uriah Heep) 38 Alcohol-Related
Andres Caicedo Writer 25 Prescription Drug Overdose
Casey Calvert Musician (Hawthorne Heights) 26 Drug Overdose
Ken Caminiti Athlete (MLB) 41 Cocaine Overdose
Max Cantor Actor/ Journalist 32 Heroin Overdose
Truman Capote Writer 59 Drug-Related
Vic Chesnutt Musician 45 Suicide
Miss Christine Musician (GTO’s) 25 Drug Overdose
Steve Clark Musician (Def Leppard) 30 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Kurt Cobain Musician (Nirvana) 27 Suicide
Natasha Collins Actress 31 Cocaine Overdose
Brian Cole Musician (The Association) 29 Heroin Overdose
Megan Connolly Actress 27 Heroin Overdose
Carl Crack Musician (Atari Teenage Riot) 30 Drug Overdose
Darby Crash Musician (The Germs) 21 Suicide
Vincent Crane Musician (Atomic Rooster) 44 Suicide
Robbin Crosby Musician (Ratt) 42 Heroin Overdose
Ian Curtis Musician (Joy Division) 23 Suicide
Dalida Musician 53 Suicide
Dorothy Dandridge Actress/ Singer 42 Anti-Depressant Overdose
Jesse Ed Davis Musician 43 Drug Overdose
Brad Delp Musician (Boston) 55 Suicide
Dimwit Musician (D.O.A.) 26 Drug Overdose
Teri Diver Adult Entertainer 29 Drug Overdose
Kiki Djan Musician 47 Drug-Related
DJ Screw Musician 29 Prescription Drug Overdose
Desmond Donnelly Journalist 53 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Tommy Dorsey Musician 51 Drug-Related
Eric Douglas Comedian 46 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Nick Drake Musician 26 Suicide
Michael Dransfield Poet 24 Drug-Related
Kevin DuBrow Musician (Quiet Riot) 52 Cocaine Overdose
Bobby Duncum Jr. Professional Wrestler 34 Prescription Drug Overdose
Anthony Durante Professional Wrestler 36 Drug Overdose
Jeanne Eagels Actress 39 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
John Entwistle Musician (The Who) 57 Drug-Related
Howie Epstein Musician (Tom Petty) 47 Heroin Overdose
Tom Evans Musician (Badfinger) 36 Suicide
Chris Farley Comedian 33 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Pete Farndon Musician (Pretenders) 30 Drug Overdose
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Director 37 Suicide
Brenda Fassie Musician 39 Cocaine Overdose
Matthew Fletcher Musician (Heavenly) 26 Suicide
Zac Foley Musician (EMF) 31 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Katy French Model 24 Cocaine Overdose
Rory Gallagher Musician 47 Alcohol Poisoning
Danny Gans Impressionist 52 Prescription Drug Overdose
Danny Gatton Musician 49 Suicide
Paul Gardiner Musician (Tubeway Army) 25 Heroin Overdose
Judy Garland Singer/ Actress 47 Overdose/ Suicide
Lowell George Musician (Little Feat) 34 Drug Overdose
Talitha Getty Actress 30 Heroin Overdose
Trevor Goddard Actor 40 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Dwayne Goettel Musician (Skinny Puppy) 31 Heroin Overdose
Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) Musician 36 Drug Overdose
Paul Gray Musician (Slipknot) 38 Drug Overdose
Ric Grech Musician (Blind Faith) 44 Drug Overdose
Eddie Guerrero Professional Wrestler 38 Prescription Drug-Related
Bill Haley Musician 56 Alcohol Poisoning
Pete Ham Musician (Badfinger) 28 Suicide
Bobby Hatfield Musician (The Righteous Brothers) 63 Cocaine Overdose
Donny Hathway Musician 33 Suicide
Tim Hardin Musician 39 Heroin Overdose
Phyllis Haver Actress 60 Drug Overdose/ Suicide
Gene Hawkins Musician (Lucy Brown Band) 43 Heroin Overdose
James Hayden Actor 29 Heroin Overdose
Paul Hayward Athlete 29 Heroin Overdose
Eddie Hazel Musician (Parliament Funkadelic) 42 Drug-Related
Mitch Hedberg Comedian 37 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Helno Musician 29 Drug Overdose
Tim Hemensley Musician (GOD) 31 Heroin Overdose
Margaux Hemingway Actress 41 Drug Overdose/ Suicide
Jimi Hendrix Musician 27 Drug Overdose
Jay Hening Musician (Demolition 23) 23 Suicide
Curt Hennig Professional Wrestler 44 Cocaine Overdose
Gregory Herbert Musician (Blood Sweat & Tears 28 Drug Overdose
Gino Hernandez Professional Wrestler 28 Cocaine Overdose
Gary Holton Actor/ Musician 33 Heroin Overdose
James Honeyman-Scott Musician (Pretenders) 25 Drug Overdose
Shannon Hoon Musician (Blind Melon) 28 Cocaine Overdose
Douglas Hopkins Musician (Gin Blossoms) 32 Suicide
Harold Hunter Professional Skateboarder 31 Cocaine Overdose
Michael Hutchence Musician (INXS) 37 Suicide
Phyllis Hyman Singer 45 Suicide
Michael Jackson Musician 50 Prescription Drug Overdose
Stevo Jensen Musician (The Vandals) 28 Prescription Drug Overdose
Anissa Jones Actress 18 Drug Overdose
Billy Jones Musician (Outlaws) 45 Suicide
Brian Jones Musician (Rolling Stones) 27 Drug/ Alcohol Related
Rob Jones Musician (The Wonder Stuff) 29 Drug-Related
Russell Jones Musician (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) 35 Drug Overdose
Janis Joplin Musician 27 Heroin Overdose
John Kahn Musician (Jerry Garcia Band) 48 Heroin Overdose
Dorothy Kilgallen Journalist 52 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
John Kordic Athlete (NHL) 27 Drug Overdose
Paul Kossoff Musician (Free) 26 Drug-Related
Alan Ladd Actor 50 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Karen Lancaume Adult Entertainer 32 Suicide
Carole Landis Actress 29 Suicide
Nicolette Larson Musician 45 Prescription Drug-Related
Peter Laughner Musician (Pere Ubu) 24 Drug/ Alcohol Related
Heath Ledger Actor 28 Prescription Drug Overdose
Bruce Lee Martial Artist 32 Prescription Drug-Related
Gerald Levert Musician 40 Prescription Drug-Related
Frank X. Leyendecker Illustrator 48 Suicide
Debbie Linden Model/ Actress 36 Heroin Overdose
Eugene Lipscomb Athlete (NFL) 31 Heroin Overdose
Mike Lockwood Professional Wrestler 32 Prescription Drug Overdose
Zoe Tamerlis Lund Model/ Actress 37 Cocaine-Related
Donyale Luna Supermodel/ Actress 34 Drug Overdose
Frankie Lymon Musician (The Teenagers) 25 Heroin Overdose
Phil Lynott Musician (Thin Lizzy) 36 Drug Overdose
Billy Mackenzie Musician (The Associates) 39 Suicide
Richard Manual Musician (The Band) 42 Suicide
Billy Mays Advertising Pitchman 50 Cocaine-Related
Jimmy McCulloch Musician (Wings) 26 Heroin Overdose
Marie McDonald Actress 42 Drug Overdose
Robbie McIntosh Musician (Average white Band) 24 Heroin Overdose
Ron McKernan Musician (Grateful Dead) 27 Alcohol Poisoning
Joe Meek Producer 38 Suicide
Jonathan Melvoin Musician (Smashing Pumpkins) 34 Heroin Overdose
Midnight Musician (Crimson Glory) 47 Drug/ Alcohol Related
Marilyn Monroe Actress 36 Prescription Drug-Overdose
Keith Moon Musician (The Who) 32 Drug/ Alcohol-Related
Jim Morrison Musician (The Doors) 27 Heroin Overdose
Billy Murcia Musician (New York Dolls) 21 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Brittany Murphy Actress 32 Prescription Drug Overdose
Brent Mydland Musician (Grateful Dead) 37 Drug Overdose
Yogi Norton Musician (Luther Vandross) 34 Suicide
Bradley Nowell Musician (Sublime) 28 Heroin Overdose
Phil Ochs Musician 35 Suicide
Hugh O’Connor Actor 32 Suicide
Lani O’Grady Actress 46 Drug overdose
Johnny O’Keefe Musician 43 Drug Overdose
Bryan Ottoson Musician (American Head Charge) 27 Prescription Drug Overdose
Malcolm Owen Musician (Ruts) 24 Drug Overdose
John Panozzo Musician (Styx) 47 Alcohol Poisoning
Marco Pantani Athlete 34 Drug Overdose
Robert Pastorelli Actor 49 Heroin Overdose
Gram Parsons Musician (The Byrds) 26 Prescription Drug Overdose
Chris Penn Actor 40 Prescription Drug-Related
Christopher Pettiet Actor 24 Drug Overdose
Kristen Pfaff Musician (Hole) 27 Heroin Overdose
Esther Phillips Musician 48 Drug-Related
John Phillips Musician (Mamas and Papas) 65 Drug-Related
River Phoenix Actor 23 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Musician (Gun Club) 37 Drug-Related
Rob Pilatus Musician (Milli Vanilli) 32 Drug Overdose
Dana Plato Actress 34 Drug Overdose
Darrell Porter Athlete (MLB) 50 Cocaine Overdose
Cozy Powell Musician (Rainbow) 50 Alcohol-Related
Elvis Presley Musician 42 Prescription Drug-Related
Freddie Prinze Actor 22 Drug/ Alcohol-Related
Glenn Quinn Actor 32 Heroin Overdose
Carl Radle Musician (Derek & the Dominoes) 38 Drug/ Alcohol Related
Dee Dee Ramone Musician (Ramones) 50 Heroin Overdose
Jay Reatard Musician 29 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Michael Reeves Director 25 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Wallace Reid Actor 31 Drug Overdose
Elis Regina Musician 36 Cocaine Overdose
Brad Renfro Actor 25 Drug Overdose
The Rev Musician (Avenged Sevenfold) 28 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Rachel Roberts Actress 53 Suicide
Don Rogers Athlete (NFL) 23 Cocaine Overdose
Steve Rogers Athlete 51 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Alma Rubens Actress 33 Cocaine/ Heroin-Related
David Ruffin Musician (The Temptations) 50 Cocaine Related
George Sanders Actor 65 Prescription Drug Overdose
Stefanie Sargent Musician (7 Year Bitch) 24 Drug Overdose
Catya Sassoon Model/ Actress 33 Prescription Drug Overdose
David Savoy Jr. Musician (Husker Du) 25 Suicide
Ingo Schwichtenberg Musician (Helloween) 29 Suicide
Bon Scott Musician (AC/DC) 33 Alcohol Poisoning
Ronnie Scott Musician 69 Prescription Drug Overdose
Jean Seberg Actress 40 Suicide
Rod Scurry Athlete (MLB) 36 Drug-Related
Edie Sedgwick Actress 28 Drug Overdose
Del Shannon Musician 51 Suicide
Will Shatter Musician (Flipper) 31 Drug Overdose
Bobby Sheehan Musician (Blues Traveler) 31 Drug Overdose
Eric Show Athlete (MLB) 37 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Judee Sill Musician 35 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Don Simpson Producer 52 Cocaine-Related
Tom Simpson Athlete 29 Prescription Drug-Related
Hillel Slovak Musician (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 26 Heroin Overdose
Anna Nicole Smith Model/ Actress 39 Prescription Drug Overdose
Daniel Smith Actor 20 Prescription Drug Overdose
Dash Snow Artist 27 Heroin Overdose
Louie Spicolli Professional Wrestler 27 Drug Overdose
Layne Staley Musician (Alice in Chains) 34 Cocaine/ Heroin Overdose
Mike Starr Musician (Alice in Chains) 44 Drug/ Alcohol Related
Bob Stinson Musician (Replacements) 35 Drug Overdose
Joey Stefano Adult Entertainer 26 Drug Overdose
Miroslava Stern Actress 29 Suicide
Inger Stevens Actress 35 Suicide
Rory Storm Musician 33 Drug/ alcohol Overdose
Margaret Sullavan Actress 48 Suicide
Paige Summers Adult Entertainer 27 Prescription Drug Overdose
Warren Tartaglia Musician 21 Heroin Overdose
Chase Tatum Professional Wrestler 34 Drug Overdose
Vinnie Taylor Musician (Sha Na Na) 31 Heroin Overdose
Biggie Tempp Musician (Bhundu Boys) 37 Suicide
Gary Thain Musician (Uriah Heep) 27 Drug Overdose
Jason Thirsk Musician (Pennywise) 27 Suicide
Jotie T’Hooft Poet 21 Drug Overdose
Johnny Thunders Musician (New York Dolls) 38 Drug Overdose
Steve Took Musician (T-Rex) 31 Drug Overdose
Nicholas Traina Musician (Link 80) 19 Suicide
Georg Trakl Poet 27 Suicide
D.M. Turner Author 34 Prescription Drug Overdose
Ike Turner Musician/ Producer 76 Cocaine Overdose
Dick Twardzik Musician 24 Heroin Overdose
Stu Ungar Professional Gamer 45 Cocaine-Related
Enrique Urquijo Musician 39 Drug Overdose
Townes Van Zandt Musician 52 Alcohol/ Drug Overdose
Paul Vaessen Athlete 40 Drug Overdose
Lupe Velez Actress 36 Suicide
Michael VerMeulen Journalist 38 Drug Overdose
Sid Vicious Musician (Sex Pistols) 21 Heroin Overdose
Gene Vincent Musician 36 Alcohol Poisoning
Robert Walker Actor 32 Prescription Drug Related
Dinah Washington Musician 39 Drug/ Alcohol Overdose
Dave Waymer Athlete (NFL) 34 Cocaine Overdose
Brett Whiteley Artist 53 Heroin Overdose
Danny Whitten Musician (Crazy Horse) 29 Drug Overdose
Kenneth Williams Actor 62 Prescription Drug Overdose
Paul Williams Musician (Temptations) 34 Suicide
Wendy O. Williams Musician (Plasmatics) 48 Suicide
Alan Wilson Musician (Canned Heat) 27 Suicide
Dennis Wilson Musician (Beach Boys) 39 Alcohol Related
Linda Wong Adult Entertainer 36 Prescription Drug Overdose
Andrew Wood Musician (Mother Love Bone) 24 Drug Overdose
Chris Wood Musician (Traffic) 39 Drug/ Alcohol-Related
Paula Yates Journalist 40 Heroin Overdose