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04.01.10: Official film website launch.

04.23.10: IDA (our fiscal sponsor) features the 90 sec. film preview.

04.30.10: The MVD Entertainment Group has documented their support for worldwide DVD and digital distribution.

05.11.10: Carole Lee Dean joins Advisory Board (Carole is a Producer, Author, CEO of From the Heart Productions, and manager of the Roy W. Dean Grant Foundation).

06.17.10: Lauren Varga (MainMan Records) makes the very FIRST film contribution.

06.20.10: Shot Director’s Chair (while sick).

07.07.10: Interview: 'Louder Than Hell: The Unflinching Oral History of Metal' by Jon Wiederhorn (Harper-Collins book).

07.29.10: Strategy consulting with Moses Avalon (Author “Confessions of a Record Producer”).

08.30.10: Film interviews confirmed with Micki Delp (wife of BOSTON vocalist BRAD DELP), and their son John Delp.

09.03.10: Ray Van Horn joins production team, interviewed for his magazine 'Retaliate'.

09.17.10: ALANNAH MYLES (‘Black Velvet’, 9 million records) joins cast.

11.03.10: Interview: Metal Assault Radio.

11.14.10: Interview: Heard It On The X Radio Show.

12.02.10: TED NUGENT joins cast (upon funding contingency).

12.05.10: Interview: Metal Mayhem Radio Show.

12.20.10: MACKENZIE PHILLIPS joins cast (upon funding contingency).

12.29.10: Met with ROBERT PLANT'S (half) sister, she sends him our press kit.

01.24.11: IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. (Failed: campaign manager’s negligence!)

02.09.11: Interview: Bill Murphy Show.

02.13.11: MICK JAGGER watches the DVD promo after the Grammy Awards with my friend (studio musician and cast member) Pamela Quinlan.

02.11.11: Interview: Detroit Live Magazine.

02.20.11: Interview: 'Riot on the Dance Floor' documentary film.

More to come...





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